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The Shadow Strategic V Bungee Sling is only usable with Plate Carriers, Chest Rigs and other Tactical Vests; Attaches the top of the shoulders via D-Rings. Provides a very simple yet highly effective Sling, there are no straps around the neck to get in the way and restrict movement, it also removes the weight of the Weapon from your neck increasing comfort when used for long periods of time.


Performs exactly as the name suggests, the Bungee Cord shortens when the weapon is not being used and lengthens to allow easy movement of the weapon when the time comes. 3 Fastex buckles are present on the Sling, on all 3 ends of the V shape, to allow easy removal of your weapon without having to detach the sling from your Plate Carrier or Rig.


Fully adjustable at both top points of the V shape, this allows the operator to have complete control of both the angle at which the weapon sits but also to adjust to accommodate various sizes. Offers approx. 12cm of flex making it nonrestrictive to the operator but with enough retention to offer security of the rifle while not in use. 30mm wide webbing.



  • Made using heavy duty 30mm nylon webbing and top quality Bungee Cord.
  • 3 Nylon Fastex Buckles for easy removal and attachment to Tactical Vests, Plate Carriers or Rigs.
  • Dual Bungee design with 12cm flex
  • Attaches via D-Rings
  • Fully adjustable.
  • 3 ply Nylon Stitching thread better than ordinary industrial nylon thread.

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